This survey is the US version of the ECB survey I wrote a post about last week. The overall pattern here is of continued easing of standards and continued increases in demand for loans. Compared to the Eurozone numbers, the US appears to be further along in the expansionary phase of the credit cycle on […]

I am late to this book and therefore will not waste your time on giving it a full review. There are, however, aspects of the story it tells about Warren Buffet, that I think are worth taking up again, because of their implications for the debate about active investing: Warren Buffet worked almost inhumanly hard […]

The October 2013 ECB Bank Lending Survey is out, confirming the turning of the credit cycle in Europe. There are plenty of details in the survey, but the pattern is abundantly clear from the charts alone. Judge for yourselves:

In this very first post of what I plan to be a weekly series, I share my suggestions for worthwhile weekend reads. Most of the suggestions this week are relatively recent writings, but they won’t always be. The only criteria for their selection is that they are related to financial markets and that I find […]


This week’s chart is from a post from August by Alexander Gloy of Lighthouse Investment Management (found via Things That Make You Go Hmmm…). I have yet to crunch the numbers myself, but the chart certainly seems to indicate an interesting relationship. Do you know if any research has been done on this variable as a business […]

Soros Interview

In this long Reuters interview, George Soros discusses the euro crisis in depth. It is easily one of the most thoughtful interviews I have watched on the topic. Update: While reading a post over at The Eurocrat, I stumbled upon a link to a blog post by Soros on the same topic.


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